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    House Cleaning Service Berkeley


    Did you know that you tend to be happier and more productive when living in a clean and organized space?
    But with how busy you can get, you might find that you barely have enough time to do the cleaning by yourself. The good news is that you do not have to stress about it anymore since we are here to help. By allowing us to do this chore for you, you get to have more time on your hands to focus on other important things – things that matter to you.

    We offer a wide range of house cleaning services in Berkeley and have a team of highly professional and experienced cleaners who will be happy to maintain your home for you, making sure you do not as much as lift a finger.


    Services Offered


    We are not just your average house cleaning business. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric – we understand our clients’ needs are uniquely different hence we strive for the approach that best suits each client’s needs.

    We are well aware there are many house cleaning services in Berkeley, but we can assure you that we offer the best house cleaning services in Berkeley. Book your appointment today!

    Why Choose Us?


    • We are Professional and Reliable:-

    • We are a locally owned and operated house cleaning service provider in the Bay Area. Our commitment to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction has seen us grow our local client base. It is by staying true to our clients and offering the best house cleaning services that have enabled our company to reach these great heights in the business. Lastly, our team of cleaners is well-trained and they understand that time is of the essence, hence they do their assigned task efficiently and quickly.



    If you’re looking for a professional house cleaning service in Berkeley to clean your home then you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in delivering top-notch house cleaning services Oakland. So if you need a trusted house cleaning company in Berkeley, look no further than Not Your Average Cleaner. Call us and Book your appointment today!


    What Clients Say About Us

    Our Satisfaction Guarantee

    We guarantee that you are satisfied with our cleaning, or your money back. Should you have any concern or issue with your clean, and you let us know within 24 hours of the start of your clean, we are happy to make it right and ensure that you are left with a quality clean. We may require photos of concerned areas prior to visits or refunds. We will then re-schedule the clean at no cost to you to address the area of concern within 7 days to be eligible for our cleaners returning to your home to fix the issue or whatever solution is deemed appropriate.

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