What cleaning services do you offer?

  1. NYA Cleaners agree to provide first class cleaning services to you, the Customer, at your nominated address.
  2. The Service will be for such cleaning / domestic duties as agreed between you and NYA Cleaners at the time of booking. All cleaning products and equipment required to service your property are provided by NYA Cleaners. You may request to use your own products if preferred.
  3. If, at any time prior to or during your service, a Franchisee feels there is a safety issue, at their discretion, they can terminate the service until a later date when the issue has been resolved.

What are the Customers Responsibilities?

Provide a safe working environment for Not Your Average Cleaners to perform the Service;
Leave access unobstructed to those areas of the Property requiring the Service;
Provide our staff with access to all service utilities (including hot and cold water, electricity, and rubbish bins) as required to complete the Service;
Prior to the commencement of the Service, inform Not Your Average Cleanersof any hazards, slippery surfaces, risks or dangers you’re aware of.
If you feel certain items in your home/office are more valuable to you than others, please secure them or inform us to their importance, so extra care is taken when working with them.
In light of the current Coronavirus (Covid-19 Outbreak) please advise us if you have any symptoms which may place you at risk of spreading the virus. This should be done prior to Not Your Average Cleaners arriving at your residence.

What is the best Quotations?

Not Your Average Cleaners will honour the price of their quote, even if the job takes them longer than expected, to ensure you are 100% content with our service provided.
If a service is requested outside of the original quote (example, addition of an oven or window clean), you will be informed of the extra charge before the extra work commences and this extra charge will be invoiced on top of your original quote.
Quotations can be provided via email or hardcopy and price quoted is valid for 30 days.

How do i can Book?

For One off Cleans, Spring Cleans/Moving Cleans etc, a 50% deposit may be required prior to work commencing. The remaining balance is due to Not Your Average Cleaners at the completion of service.
FDeposits are non-refundable if cancellation is provided with less than 24 hours’ notice.
FIf rescheduling the service is requested, deposit remains and time of service will be moved to a more appropriate time for both parties.
Not Your Average Cleaners reserve the right not to accept a booking for any reason.

How do I make a payment?

The Customer agrees to pay the price quoted by Not Your Average Cleaners at completion of service.
Payments can be made via cash/credit cardor direct deposit.
Direct Deposit Details to be obtained directly from the booking source prior to Service.

How do I calculate GST?

Unless specified otherwise, all prices and quotations are inclusive of GST.
Tax Invoices are available for all services carried out by Not Your Average Cleaners.

How do you treat customer complaints?

If you, the Customer are reasonably dissatisfied with the Service provided, you should inform the Breeze Domestics at your earliest convenience. Not Your Average Cleanersstrives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and will endeavour to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Not Your Average Cleaners may, at its discretion, offer the Customer either of the following:
A partial or full refund;
Re-supply of the Service without charge;
Such other remedy as deemed appropriate by Not Your Average Cleaners & its team.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you are satisfied with our cleaning, or your money back. Should you have any concern or issue with your clean, and you let us know within 24 hours of the start of your clean, we are happy to make it right and ensure that you are left with a quality clean. We may require photos of concerned areas prior to visits or refunds. We will then re-schedule the clean at no cost to you to address the area of concern within 7 days to be eligible for our cleaners returning to your home to fix the issue or whatever solution is deemed appropriate.

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