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We take pride in our team environment where everybody comes to work with a smile (and if they don’t, we turn it into one ;). We know cleaning is such a strenuous yet noble job so we ensure we treat all of our employees with respect, love, and care. This type of environment really suits us as we have been complimented on our friendliness and amazing quality of work from numerous clients, and that is all we could ever ask for!

Our Team

Our Team

We know that deciding on a house cleaner to come into your home on a regular basis is a huge decision. That’s why we thoroughly vet all the experienced cleaners with several interviews, background checks, and full reference checks to ensure that the cleaner will not only fully qualified to clean in your home, but that they will be able to be a trusted cleaner for your home for the long term. We are also fully insured to if any issue were to come up we have full coverage. Our cleaners are known to be super friendly and accommodating, so our top priority is to make sure that you are happy with our cleaning!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you are satisfied with our cleaning, or your money back. Should you have any concern or issue with your clean, and you let us know within 24 hours of the start of your clean, we are happy to make it right and ensure that you are left with a quality clean. We may require photos of concerned areas prior to visits or refunds. We will then re-schedule the clean at no cost to you to address the area of concern within 7 days to be eligible for our cleaners returning to your home to fix the issue or whatever solution is deemed appropriate.

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